Welcome to the Adapted Physical Education (APE) website for all regional students! This online platform was created and developed by the Adapted Physical Educators of Prince George's County, with the intent to deliver developmentally appropriate and accessible curricular instruction. It was also developed to provide students and their families with ways to be physically active through virtual learning outside of school. Click below to explore our APE domain map!

Safety While Supporting Someone From Home

  • It is vital to know the prior and current health conditions.

  • Collaborate with your child's Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, and Primary Doctor to monitor changing medical needs and monitor times for movement.

  • It is important to start very easy and slowly increase the stretch as the muscles loosen. Over stretching can cause pain and injury.

  • It is essential to know how the person best communicates and to be attentive to their communication via words, vocalization, facial expression, body movement, assistive technology, picture communication symbols, or actual objects.

  • It is better to stop if you believe the individual is experiencing discomfort beyond what the stretch is providing.

  • If an injury does occur, call your health provider or 9-1-1 immediately​​

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